Propositions Institute in the Public Square

Is Thrift Good for America?

August 1, 2012Held at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania

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A Conversation with Sheldon Garon, Nissan Professor of History and East Asian Studies at Princeton University and James Livingston, Professor of History at Rutgers University, held at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Moderated by David Blankenhorn, President of the Institute for American Values.

Introduction 1:10 Minutes

Beth Twiss Houting
Senior Director of Programs and Services, Historical Society of Pennsylvania

The Conversation 52:30 Minutes

David Blankenhorn (Moderator)
President, Institute for American Values

James Livingston
Professor of History, Rutgers University

Sheldon Garon
Nissan Professor of History and East Asian Studies, Princeton University

Q&A 5:22 Minutes

David George
Economist, LaSalle University

Q&A 14:47 Minutes

Andrew Kevorkian
Historical Society member

Q&A 11:21 Minutes

Char Weigel
High School Social Studies Teacher,
The Shipley School